Mitchell Jay Mehlman, Attorney at Law
The Villages attorney, Mitch Mehlman, provides personalized, professional legal services dedicated to the particular needs of clients and their families. His practice includes legal services which special focus on Florida Estate Planning, Foreclosure Counseling, Intellectual Property Law, and Probate Administration. Mitch's attention to detail and commitment to quality ensure that your legal matters are handled by a knowledgeable and caring attorney.  Complicated legal issues and individual circumstances can make your legal matters seem frustrating and difficult. Mitch is dedicated to helping you determine your best options for protecting yourself, your ideas, and your assets through sound and professional legal counseling.  Let Mitch help you with your wills, trusts and estate planning.

Mitch Mehlman is a legal professional with many years of experience in science, engineering, research, management and manufacturing.  This experience makes him an invaluable asset when considering intellectual property and general law. If you are considering patent, trademark, copyright, license or other business related Intellectual Property protection, turn to Mitch for sound, professional advice and counsel.  A true passion for law, science, and community service led Mitch from practicing rocket science to practicing law.

His experiences have him develop a wider sense of understanding that he applies to meet each client's specific legal needs.  Feel free to navigate the website to get a better idea about the quality legal services Mitch has to offer you.
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