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Florida Estate Planning - Mitch can help you protect your wealth and dispose of it in a manner you see fit, rather than according to the government's probate laws. Mitch can assist you in preparing in wills, trusts and estate plans and will gladly answer any of your questions. Your estate plan may include the following legal instruments:

  • Wills and trusts such as charitable trusts, special needs trusts and other revocable or irrevocable trusts 
  • Living wills, which are also called healthcare directives
  • Health care and financial power of attorney documents

Foreclosure counseling - If you have received a notice of foreclosure or feel it is imminent, local Villages attorney Mitch Mehlman can help you make an informed choice and protect your interests. Mitch has experience that enables him to provide skilled legal advice and offer effective representation in loan modifications, short sale negotiations, workout negotiations, and foreclosure defense representation.  Mitch has been appointed by the Fifth Circuit Court to mediate foreclosure cases in central Florida.

Probate Administration- Mitch can assist in the probate administration process. In many cases, the estate of a deceased relative must pass through the probate court before assets may be distributed among the heirs. For example, probate is required under the following circumstances:

  • Real estate is titled in the decedent's name or as a tenancy in common. The only way to transfer a property title is through probate court, where the probate judge will select the proper heirs to receive the real estate. 
  • Financial assets such as bank accounts and investment accounts are titled solely in the decedent's name with no "pay on death" designation: the bank or brokerage will not transfer ownership of the account to any other person without an order from the probate court.
  • Approval of the personal representative: If the will names a personal representative to oversee the transfer of assets, that person must be approved as a fit and proper person by the probate court. 
  • A relative dies without a will: If no will exists, the estate will be distributed under the oversight of the probate court according to the distribution rules of Florida's intestacy laws.
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